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Water Sports on the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is the ideal destination for a watersports activity holiday, and when you consider its geography it makes sense.

An Island of 147 square miles, surrounded by water, that depending on tide and wind is sheltered on one side and ferocious on the other, creates the ideal location for a variety of different watersports.

Many of our providers of watersports can offer expert tuition in anything from extreme sports to more leisurely water activities.

Here are some of the water sports on offer locally:


Whether you’re a regular on the water or a total beginner, Tackt-Isle Adventures have got all the kit and skilled instructors to make sure you have a great time.

They offer a number of different sessions, complete with wetsuit, buoyancy aids and splash tops.  

Absolutely no hidden costs.

Our Kayaks are available to hire but we also offer sessions with qualified instructors to show you the ropes.

For more info:

Learn to Sail

Whether you’re just getting started, need a refresher, or know the ropes and really want to sail for gold, Tackt- Isle Adventures sailing sessions are tailored to suit you.

They provide all the kit and top-notch instructors to make sure you have the best time on the water.

For more info:

Paddle Boarding

Try Stand Up Paddleboarding for an experience like no other!

Stand Up Paddleboards are available to hire via Tackt-Isle Adventures and they also offer sessions with qualified instructors to show you the ropes.

Tackt-Isle Adventures is the place to go for an action-packed adventure on the Isle of Wight.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or you’re new to outdoor adventures and fancy giving something a go, Tackt-Isle have all the kit, skills and experience to help you make the Island your playground

For more info:

Learn to Surf

It’s no secret that surfing is fun!


It can make us feel young, wild and free, riding a wave is a breathless experience and can’t be duplicated. It’s a feeling like no other and let’s be honest, it looks pretty cool too!!

We recommend :

Useful information:

Kayaking & Surfing beaches

There are plenty of areas to explore by Kayak on the Island, if you are using Coastal areas, always be aware of the tide, and ensure you have appropriate equipment. Surfing is a popular sport on the Island, both with locals and visitors, and there are some excellent spots.

Freshwater - beautiful surrounding cliffs to explore the coastal scenery.

Freshwater bay is best explored on a flat day, and on the correct tide you can explore the caves.

Compton - excellent for kayak surfing. Very popular with Surfers, due to the Sandy shore and great waves.

Brook - next beach along from Compton, and again benefits from excellent surf.
Yaverland and Sandown Bay - depending on the weather conditions, can be excellent for gentle kayak paddling around the Bay area. Alternatively when the conditions prevail - surfing or kayak surfing.

Yarmouth to Freshwater - Great to paddle up the river towards Freshwater

Newtown Creek - Great exploring creek with areas to stop along the river to have a picnic.

Cowes - Newport (Medina River) - This is a busy river - so only more experienced paddlers should do this trip. Also perhaps choose this off-season - and definitely avoid the Yachting events. Also this can be very tidal, so ensure you catch the tides right! You can paddle up the river towards Newport - and a few picnic spots along the way.

Ryde / Puckpool - Great for beginner kayaking - If you are keen to do some sheltered easy kayaking - perhaps with the family - these beaches offer shallow waters, with sandy beaches, making a gentle paddle enjoyable. 

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